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The best and most instructive book I have read till now on life extension and its various aspects and approaches:

The author Aubrey de Grey with me having a rapid meal during Eurosymposium on healthy aging

Ending Aging: The Rejuvenation Breakthroughs That Could Reverse Human Aging in Our Lifetime by Aubrey De Grey,PhD with Michael Rae in English you can buy from;

September, 2013 on the SENS Conference in Cambridge, I understood that a new chapter was written and added to the last edition as so much new matterial was collected from the last years research in the field

I also met there- on the famous SENS conference, the scientist and writer Alex Zhavoronkov, his book is also available on

The Ageless Generation: How Advances in Biomedicine Will Transform the Global Economy

I read recently and liked: 'Et si on arrêtait de vieillir' by Didier Coeurnelle in French; 'De voedselzandloper' by Kris Verburgh in Dutch on FNAC

Pls check here often, also our i-lile site and our blog to make comments and mostly to stay informed on the newest scientific research on life extension.

We will let you find more links to buy books and health products, to subscribe for sport and excercise facilities and much more.

Specially collected from me thorough information on the scientific ways to life extension, pls refer to me and my Japanese lecture, as Calory Restriction, Life Extension Drugs, Genetic Engineering, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Social Life, Sport and other possible ways.

Calorie restriction Life extension drugs Genetic Engineering Cloning

Nanotechnology Robotics Social Life Sport

Some links to scientific magazines Nature , Science and Europe Health news :

Nature magazine Science magazine Europe health

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